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Do you want to save money and time on your existing home via a simple refinance? 

I can help.


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Congratulations on deciding to take control of your finances!

There are so many ways to save money on your mortgage. There is a reason that banks rake in billions of dollars a year. They are relying on the fact that not each person who owns a home has the time or energy to do the research and get the best finance for their situation. They want you to feel like they have all the power. 


They don't.

It's your money.

It's your mortgage.

It's your loan term. 

So what is refinancing and how can it save me money?

In its most basic form it's changing your current loan structure into a new loan structure. This can be as simple as changing your loan from a variable interest rate to a fixed interest with the same bank. Truth be told it’s almost always better if you can to change to another bank, because banks don’t reward loyalty but they do offer special deals to new customers.


Having a mortgage health check up every year is a very smart financial decision to make.

This is where a great broker steps up to the plate. They take the time to assess your situation and then look at all the of the options you have available and present them to you so you can make a choice on how and where you save money. 

How does a broker help?

A good broker knows which lender to check with first, which saves you time and money because it will speed up the process of actually refinancing your home to a lower rate.


It can become an expensive exercise if you don’t know which lender to use at the start. You can even do harm to your credit score by applying for loans you were never going to get in the first place. I have had clients apply for loans with their own bank, be rejected and then we find out that they could have had a loan with another bank with an even lower repayment. 


Luckily there are a few lenders that offer brokers free valuations, so I can find out quickly and for free what your home is worth and which lender to go with. I can also check your credit score and talk to lenders without affecting it at all.

Call me today to see just how easy it is to do a refinance and save thousands of dollars or even years off of your current home loan. 

Free Downloads for Refinance Clients

I firmly believe that knowledge is power so I would like to reward your search for information by offering these free

Refinance Guides for to you to view or download here. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me or when you're ready book your free assessment. 

The 4 Steps to Save Money on Your Existing Mortgage

The 4 Steps to Save Money on Your Existing Mortgage

The 7 Steps to Refinance Your Home and Save Thousands Off Your Mortgage

The 7 Steps to Refinance Your Home and Save Thousands Off Your Mortgage

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