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How much does it cost to use a mortgage broker?

In a word, to you, nothing.

Our services are complimentary.


We get paid by the banks for organising all the information you provide us with to make it easier for the lenders to process. You would think if you spent your time organising the information for the lenders, they would give you a discount but they don’t. In fact due to the potential volume of loans we write, we may even be able to get you a lower price than is advertised. Even though the big four banks in Australia routinely post multi billion dollar profits, they are continually cutting traditional staff members and branches to increase profit. It’s cheaper for them to pay a commission for a loan than it is to employ a full time staff member and give them an office to work out of. 


Now, I can’t speak for all mortgage brokers, but the upfront commissions I get paid from residential lenders are all practically the same except for those who specialise in helping clients with bad credit. When presenting all potential loans, I’m happy to discuss my commission payments with you. It’s also in my best long term interest to assist in choosing a loan that suits you rather than one that pays me the highest commission, since I can lose my MFAA accreditation for providing misleading or partial advice, which will mean I won’t be able to write any more loans. 

You can be assured of my integrity and professionalism.

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