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Do you need a new car on finance

I can help.


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Congratulations on deciding to get a new car!

They say to never trust a car salesman.

I'm sure they're mostly good people but there are definitely ways that they can manipulate numbers and figures to confuse you and you end up paying much more than you needed to.


Here's where a broker comes in... the numbers man. Not only can I get you the best deal on finance to suit your scenario but I also have access to software which (if you're purchasing a brand new car) contacts all  the dealers in your location and they compete with their best offers. You don't have to walk from yard to yard to find the best deal yourself. 

Don't get sucked in to the offer of a 0% interest deal or even a low interest deal. Often there are so many hidden fees you end up paying more than if you had a higher interest rate. 


Don't waste time or money. Go straight to a professional that understands the system both of buying a car and also where is the best place to get finance. Get in contact with me today and you could be driving out of the yard with your new car sooner than you would have thought with cash still in your pocket.

Free Download for Car Buyers

I firmly believe that knowledge is power so I would like to reward your search for information by offering this free

Car Buying Guide for to you to view or download here. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me or when you're ready book your free assessment. 

Mike Mackenzie's Car Buying Finance Guide

Mike Mackenzie's Car Buying Finance Guide

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