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Refinance Today And Save Over $100,000

How I saved over $100,000 by using a smarter mortgage. I took on my mortgage two years ago which was set at introductory rate.


But after that period expired my mortgage repayments increased by a couple of hundred dollars per month!


Our budget was tight and so I approached my bank to see what I could do about reducing my repayments but they weren’t very helpful. They told me numerous times that they had already explained in the fine print that my mortgage would increase over the next 28 years.


So I decided to do some research online and came upon some information that told me how I could refinance my mortgage and save over $100,000.


It was in the form of a free guide that took me through each step explaining how easy it was to end up with this outcome


It also explained …


How a refinance specialist can get access to a lower interest rate than the bank is advertising to the public.


How to knock years of your home loan and pay it off sooner and…


How a higher interest rate can be cheaper in the long run. So I implemented what I learnt and today I stand to save over $100,000 over the term of my mortgage!


… That is just one story of many that my clients could tell about in their quest to refinance their mortgage.


… Hi I’m Mike Mackenzie and I am a refinance specialist and I am the author of the free guide that my client used to save thousands on his mortgage.


Click to download today.


I can’t guarantee the same success as this client but I’m sure everyone will be amazed by what can be learnt.

Mike's qualifications
  • Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking Management

  • Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) Full Accreditation

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