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The Six Step Action Plan To Buying Your First Home

The story starts back in 2011. 


I was a fifo worker living the dream working hard and playing harder. Money was never an issue because I could always make more and so started the endless over seas holidays. The toughest part was choosing where to explore next, do I go to America or Europe or maybe back to Asia while I decide?


I was able to snag a beautiful girl and together we lived the high life because we had two great incomes and no kids. That didn’t last long however and all of a sudden I was married with a kid. We both still enjoyed the high life but now we were on one income and due to the economy diving, I received my first of three pay cuts. 


My once impressive savings account was a little less impressive now and I knew this was my last chance to buy a house before I wouldn’t be able to afford it. I didn’t know what to do or where to start and I was flicking through Facebook when I can across the 6 step action plan to buying your first home by a local dream enabler. 


I download the guide and it lay it all out for me in an easy to understand language that I was able to follow. 


It told me about all the costs involved in buying a home, so I wouldn’t get caught short on settlement day. 


The very subtle difference between savings and genuine savings which delayed my purchase by a month because I didn’t know beforehand. 


The legal ways of getting assistance from others to make buying your first home cheaper and easier. 


I now had the 6 step action plan to buying your home and within nine months I was moving my wife and child into our first home.


Now when my child asks if they can have a dog or a sand pit in the back yard I don’t have to tell them maybe and then beg the land lord I can just do it. I enjoy seeing my kids smile and laugh in the backyard I don’t want to have to tell them no because the land lord said so. 


Things even improved with my parter because we now had the security of our own home and didn’t have to worry about rent inspections, raising rents and the possibility that the land lord sells our home and were forced to move not only home but schools as well for the kids. 


The bonus of not having to worry about all the what if’s when your renting, gave my partner and I more time to practice for our next child 😜


Hi I’m Michael Mackenzie and I’m that dream enabler who wrote the Six Step Action Plan to buying your first home. You can download it by entering your details below and who knows you might be moving into your new home sooner than you think. Or better yet book a complimentary 15 minute appointment by clicking here


At my finance people we have been helping people like Matt for years and have over 150 five star reviews on google as well as Facebook. Our goal is to finance your dreams today. 


I can’t guarantee you the same success as Matt but I’m sure you will learn a lot and I guarantee it will be worth your time to read to the very end of the 5 steps to buying your first home.


To get similar results to Matt you need a combined income over $75,000, a clean credit history and $6,000 in genuine saving if building a home under $400,000.

Mike's qualifications
  • Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking Management

  • Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) Full Accreditation

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