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Debt Consolidation

Back in 2014 I bought my first home and life was great. I was on a good income and enjoyed life to the max with frequent overseas holidays. 


On one of these holidays my credit card stopped working. I didn’t think much of it because these things happen when your overseas which is why I have three credit cards. 


When I got home from my holiday I had received monthly statements for my three credit cards. The one that stopped working was maxed out at $15,000 and I had $8,000 combined on my other two cards. 


Not sure how it crept up on me but all of a sudden I had $23,000 of credit card debt. The minimum repayment was $460 per month over the three cards and would take over nine years to pay off at that if I didn’t use it for any new purchases. 


The interest bill was through the roof, if I kept going at the minimum rate I would end up paying $26,864 in interest alone. The next trip was already being planned, so I had to act fast. 


I was scrolling on Facebook and came across the guide how to reduce your credit card debt from $24,000 to zero fast. 


In the guide I learnt how to slash my interest bill by over half giving me the freedom to live again without the burden of that large bill hanging over me. 


I also learnt how to make my credit card work for me, which allowed me to supercharge my saving rather than burry me in more debt. 


I also found out that it was possible to be better off getting a personal loan compared to refinancing my home in some unique circumstances.

Hi I’m Michael Mackenzie and I’m that dream enabler who wrote how to reduce your credit card debt from $24,000 to zero fast. You can download it by entering your details below and who knows you might be saving even more than Tom sooner than you thought possible. 


At my finance people we have been helping people like Blake for years and have over 150 five star reviews on google as well as Facebook. Our goal is to finance your dreams today. 


I can’t guarantee you the same success as Blake but I’m sure you will learn a lot and I guarantee it will be worth your time to read to the very end of how to reduce your credit card debt from $24,000 to zero fast. 


To get similar results to Blake you need a combined income over $75,000, a clean credit history and over 20% equity in your home.

Mike's qualifications
  • Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking Management

  • Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) Full Accreditation

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